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Quaker Parrots




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We are currently sold out of quakers for now. We expect our quaker pairs to start laying in April of 2014 and should have chicks available in June or July.


Maximillian Pionus

Maximillian Pionus make great pets.Our Pionus hens usually begin laying in April. That gives us chicks available for sale as early as late June or early July. We are currently sold out of Maximillian chicks.

These birds make excellent pets.  In my opinion they are one of the best talkers around, maybe second only to the African Grey.



Congo Grey Chicks



Bluehead Pionus


       Adult Male


Whitecap Pionus Chicks

Pionus chicks are not as colorful as the adults. They tend to get more and deeper colors as they get older.


     Adult Male


Updated December 12, 2018